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Sandy Point Lighthouse Beach

  • Type: Ocean Sand Beach
  • Address:
  • Community: Shelburne
  • County: Shelburne
  • Sandy Point Lighthouse Beach Description:
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Sandy Point Lighthouse Beach Comments

Comment By: RIta on Wed, May 27, 2015
A soft sand beach that is fun for the kids with some rocks at the back to climb. At low tide there is a lovely soft sand bank that you can walk a short way to the lighthouse. To the right of the sand bank the water is often warmer ; BE CAREFUL and watch the tide as the current becomes strong around and on the sandbank when the tide is changing, and when it has come in. This beach is close to the mouth of the harbor and the current can carry some out toward the sea, if not cautious. A lovely place and in summer the Lighthouse Community Centre serves ice cream and refreshments

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