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Sandy Cove Beach

  • Type: Ocean Sand Beach
  • Address:
  • Community: Digby Neck
  • County: Digby
  • Sandy Cove Beach Description:
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Pictures of Sandy Cove Beach

Sandy Cove Beach 1
Sandy Cove Beach 2
Sandy Cove Beach 3
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Sandy Cove Beach Comments

Comment By: cathy on Sun, May 18, 2014
what a great beach to have an evening picnic and watch the sun go down over the Bay of Fundy! Nice walk to far end and back. Have seen a seal or two there as well.
Comment By: mark on Thu, Jun 5, 2014
this is a beautiful little beach,it is also the most polluted beach in this part of nova scotia.the trash in the picture was what I cleaned up last winter,guess natives all went south this winter and stayed there.far end of beach has very polluted area do not go to far end,ground water is blocked amid rotted seaweed and trash pool.
Comment By: Karen on Wed, May 27, 2015
Sadly, it is no better this year.
Comment By: Kerri Anne Merrill on Wed, Aug 26, 2015
This is not a nice beach
Comment By: Rebecca on Sat, Jul 23, 2016
unfortunately, the trash is washed ashore from vessels in the ocean, not local people. some visitors also, but teh area is very underpopulated there are not people coming here leaving garbage. there is a yearly beach sweep usually. otherwise, this beach is fantastic :)
Comment By: geomineral.ru on Mon, Jun 12, 2017
There is an old concrete wharf, which protects most of the cove -- making it perfect for swimming. The beach is surprisingly large for a sandy beach in Nova Scotia.

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