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Kejimkujik Seaside

  • Type: Ocean Sand Beach
  • Address: St. Catherine's River Road
  • Community: Port Jolie
  • County: Queens
  • Kejimkujik Seaside Description:
    Kejimkujik Seaside - St. Catherine's River Road, Port Joli - A 22 square kilometre area on shoreline, noted for its abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery. Unsupervised swimming and two nature walking trails along the Atlantic Ocean.
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Pictures of Kejimkujik Seaside

Kejimkujik seaside
Kejimkujik seaside1
Kejimkujik seaside2
Kejimkujik seaside3
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Kejimkujik Seaside Comments

Comment By: keran on Fri, Sep 18, 2015
found this awesome white sand beach!! after a 3kms hike..

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