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Dollar Lake Beach

  • Type: Lake Beach
  • Address: 5265 Old Guysborough Road
  • Community: Wyses Corner
  • County: Halifax
  • Dollar Lake Beach Description:
    Popular and large sandy beach. There are change rooms, ample parking, picnic areas, a concession hut and overnight camping area. The area behind the beach has much poison ivy.
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Pictures of Dollar Lake Beach

Dollar lake
Dollar lake
Dollar lake
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Dollar Lake Beach Comments

Comment By: ann on Sun, Jun 14, 2015
is the poison ivy remark supposed to be a recommendation? why don't u write instead that the poison ivy is being eradicated?
Comment By: Melly on Mon, Aug 31, 2015
When they say sandy, they lie. This beach was made up of a sand/pebble mixture which is not very easy on the feet. There are signs near the beach indicating where the poison ivy is and advising you to stay on the boardwalk to avoid it. There are a great deal of amenities at this beach but be prepared for sore toes, the pebbles and rocks go out a fair distance into the lake. Was not enjoyable for us.

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